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Emi Tanaka

Ceramic Artist /

Director at Ceramic Studio En

since 2007

Takashi Ogawa

Ceramic Artist


Providing Simple Art and Beauty in Everyday Life.....


I make tableware for everyday use focused on simple forms and function. I believe that aesthetic beauty and functionality can co-exist in one piece. All my works are created by hand individually and each piece has its own unique character.


Industrialisation has been a great help to us and gained convenience, but something of a human touch and spirit have been lost in everyday articles of use...


Through my work, I would like to communicate the significance of hand made craft that grows in familiarity with daily use, warmth of the human touch and the spirit that resides within. Enjoy the beauty of a hand made craft that matures with you as it develops the patina of age.

Japanese Art for Your Lifestyle


Takashi Ogawa completed his initial training of pottery in Tagawa, Fukuoka in Japan where he understudied the art form under Master Shuji Nagasue, as known as Muso Gama. Takashi still visits his master every year and regularly communicates with him to maintain the connection with Japanese pottery society as well as its culture.


Takashi's pottery work is primarily for everyday use and he appreciates and celebrates the integration of art with people's everyday life. 


Takashi would like people to understand that using his work in activites of daily living brings a genuine appreciation of art form. With use, his pieces would change their colours and shades - even that could possibly cause the change of the shapes - into rather small pieces.

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