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Class Information

Classes from Wednesday to Sunday

 Long Term Lessons

*Ongoing lesson paying monthly fee

 $150 + Material ($22-$26) & Firing Fee + GST

(Minimum 2 Months)

Learn the hand builing basic skills at the beginning 

week 1: Plates and bowls using mould

Week 2-3: 4-6 Bowls

Week 4-5: 4-6 Cups

Week 6-7  Tea Pot​

Week 8~  make anything you like / glazing

You will learn hand buildng basics in the 8 weeks and after that you can start making anything you like.


*8 classes Package $480 (2 months) 

(Includes 8classes, one bag of clay 12.5kg, firing Fee, GST)

  Short  Term  (4 classes)

$165(4 classes) + Material($22-26) + Firing Fee($30-50)+GST


Package $260 (Includes 4classes, Material, firing Fee, GST)

You will have 3 days of making(hand building) and 1 day of glazing.

Make slab plates & bowls using mould (Maximum 8 items)

and hand building cups, vase, pots, sake  bottle, etc (4-6 items)


One Day lesson

 $50 (per lesson)

 $50 (per lesson)x2 + Material ($22-$26) & Firing Fee($30-50) + GST


​2 classes package

​Package $170 (Includes 2 classes, Material, Firing, GST)


Minimum 2 classes (1 day of making and 1 day of glazing)

Make slab plates & bowls using mould (Maximum 8 items)

Start the class anytime you would like.

Please enquire for the availability and make a booking to join the class!

<Class Hours>

 Wednesday 1pm - 5pm / 6pm - 9pm

Thursday 9am - 12pm / 1pm - 5pm

 Friday 1pm - 5pm

Saturday 9am - 12pm / 1pm - 5pm

Sunday 9am - 12pm / 1pm - 5pm

Private class is available from 4 people


Gift Voucher Available

4 classes

$260 (Includes 4classes, Material, firing Fee, GST)

2 Classes

 $170 (Includes 2 classes, Material, Firing, GST)


Gift Voucher / Store Credit

​Store credit is available for any amount from $50

Please send an email enquiry regarding to the gift voucher.

I will send a gift voucher by email.

Please check junk mail if you didn't receive a reply.


​Thank you!

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Where we supply our work



Restaurants & Cafe                                              


Billy Kwong Restaurant                                          

Sushi-e (Establishment Hotel)                             

Artificer Speciality Coffee Bar & Roastery  

Koi Dessert Bar


​Aqua Dining

Hana Ju-Rin                                                              



Humming Cafe

Thirty Coffee

Chaco Bar

Tobikiri Japanese Kitchen


Juan Bowl & Tea

Masuya Japanese Restaurant





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